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Our memberships are considered “Family” memberships. That means your spouse can use the facilities as a full member as well. Your children may use your membership until they become “self-reliant”. Presently our definition of “self-reliant” is a person who fails to qualify as a dependant on the members Federal income tax return or a person who has reached the age of 25.

Financial support for the club comes in the form of membership dues, golf and green fees and sales from the golf pro shop and snack bar.

For more information, or to apply for membership at Texaco Golf Club, please fill out our form.

Membership Options

  • Associate members
  • Retired Members

Membership Packages

Associate member

An “Associate” member is a person who does not qualify as an active employee. Any person may apply for the Associate category.

Retired Members

A person must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for the Retired Member category:

  • Member of Texaco Country Club at the time of their retirement.
  • If a member joins after retiring, they can qualify for the retiree rate after maintaining an active membership for 24 consecutive months.

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