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Our ballroom is available to club members as well as non-members to rent for all types of festive occasions from graduations to wedding receptions. You can register on-line by selecting the “Ballroom Reservation” hyperlink to the right in the navigation bar or by contacting the club manager. Below is the current rental fee schedule for the Texaco Country Club ballroom.

Only the Manager may quote rates for Club members, Club employees or Non-Members.

Rates for Members, Club Employees or Non-Members apply only for such individuals or their close family members such as children, grandchildren, parents or grandparents. Copy of identification is required for both the individuals and the close family members. Individuals who rent for these special rates must sign a statement concerning this limitation. Any violation voids the rental agreement.

Depending on the intended use, hours and number of people involved, the club Manager may adjust the rental rate.

All of the rates include setup and cleanup fee to ensure that the facilities are properly cleaned and maintained.

The grill will typically be open during rental periods from 7:00PM until 12:00PM midnight.

Security guards will be on duty from 7:00PM until 1:00AM.

A club guard will be on duty at the scheduled time. This is typically the time guests are scheduled to begin arriving at the club.

If you need more information about renting the club ballroom, please contact the club manager.



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